Minister Couve highlights the work of Certemed UV in inspecting new mechanical fans

The Minister of Science and Technology, Andrés Couve, appreciated the work carried out by the Certemed UV laboratory in the inspection of mechanical ventilators for emergencies (VM-E) as part of the work carried out by the electromedical devices safety inspection body doctors created at the School of Biomedical Civil Engineering of the University of Valparaíso.

During the daily balance of the Covid 19, Couve highlighted “the contribution of the local innovation community in the initiative ‘Un Respiro para Chile’, which has raised an unprecedented effort to complement the stock of mechanical ventilators in the health network. Since the end of March, together with Sofofa, the IDB, the Chilean Society of Intensive Medicine, SOCHIMI and a group of experts, we support the development of alternative ventilation systems through local talent and the technological development of companies, universities and forces. armed ”.

“We have promoted the recovery of disused ventilators, the use of ventilation technology for multiple patients and the manufacture of VM-E made in Chile. Thanks to this call, 35 prototypes have already been evaluated, of which five national designs are in the testing phase and we hope these days to have definitive news of the first of these teams that is about to finish the last test of clinical trials and preparing for its manufacture “He added.

The minister stressed that “thanks to this platform, a valuable agreement has been generated to evaluate these equipment in a system that did not exist in our country. Different institutions such as SOCHIMI, the Society of Anesthesiology, the Chilean Society of Emergency Medicine collaborated on this protocol , the Certemed laboratory of the University of Valparaíso and the clinical hospitals of the PUC and the University of Chile ”.

So far Certemed has carried out about twenty inspections of a total of fifteen prototypes, of which four advanced to animal tests, in which two of them were successfully validated, while one would initiate controlled tests with humans.

“The important thing is to emphasize that Certemed has a protocol validated by the Multidisciplinary Crisis Facilitation Council COVID-19, it has calibrated teams and trained engineers. That is why this recognition is very important, since the devices, being complex equipment, can induce adverse events in patients if they skip some of the phases of the protocol, ”explains Professor Chabert.

The academic assured that “it is relevant that from the Ministry of Science and Technology they have listened to us and found us right. It should be noted that Biomedical Civil Engineering of the UV is a pioneer in Chile and having this support is a recognition of the quality of work and the contribution that we can develop from a public university in regions”.